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Ziegra are manufacturers of industrial quality ice machines, ice makers and automatic ice systems for the food, chemical and healthcare sectors.

On this website you will find the widest range of ice machines and ice makers for most commercial and industrial applications, along with technical data, descriptions and drawings.

To go with the range of ice machines, we also have a complete range of storage solutions, from simple static bins to silo's with automatic ice extraction.

Our bespoke automatic icing systems can be integrated within a production enviroment to produce, store, deliver and dose the ice wherever it is needed in precise, repeatable amounts, reducing manual handling, human error and wastage.

Whether you are looking for a compact ice machine for a laboratory, an ice maker only to plug into an existing refrigeration system, an on board ice machine or ice maker for your trawler or a bespoke, fully automatic ice plant integrated within your process, Ziegra has the solution.

All ice types that are widely used in commercial and industrial applications are available including flake types (ChipIce, scaleIce), BlockIce, StreamIce® (a pumpable liquid slurry) and Nugget ice. On board, ice can be made from freshwater or seawater.

As we are the only UK company that offers all the common types of industrial ice, we are able to offer impartial advice on which ice type best suits your needs.

Ziegra UK has application specialists available to lend a hand at every stage, from initial advice, to specification, planning and design. With Ziegra, you are dealing directly with the manufacturer, with full back-up from the engineers who design, manufacture and service the equipment.

The Ziegra UK service department delivers after-sales support for our customers in the United Kingdom and Ireland, no matter how remote. Spares availability on all of our machines is guaranteed for a minimum of 15 years (although we are still supporting plenty of 20+ year old machines) and in most cases they are available off the shelf for same day despatch from our large, well stocked warehouse.

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