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Ice Storage & Handling

The various ways in which ice from commercial ice machines can be stored and handled are dependent on capacity, setting and other factors.

The different available options for industrial ice machines are briefly outlined below, see individual pages for further product specifications.

Ice bins

These containers are typically used in conjunction with ice machines and can be purchased in a variety of designs and sizes up to 1,300kg capacity.

Usually, ice bins will have ice machines mounted directly on top of them, within the 70kg-1,200kg capacity range - but for bigger products this can vary.

By mounting larger commercial ice machines separately above, either on a higher level or steelwork frame, ice can be collected in bins and stored for use.

Ice bunkers

Above a certain capacity - heavy-duty ice storage bins known as ice bunkers are available, manufactured from cold room panels and featuring stainless ice floors.

Often, these are installed on at elevated heights to enable convenient ice door access, although free-standing ice bunkers with full-height doors are available.

Ice silos

Ziegra ice silos are available as part of automatic ice plant installations, or as standalone units, assembled inside existing buildings, or within clad wraparound structures.

Our cylindrical ice silos enable automatic ice unloading to carts or conveyor systems, while mini ice silos of 500kg or 1,000kg capacity are also available.

Containerised ice storage

Ice from commercial ice machines can be stored in reefer containers by Ziegra, available in 20ft or 40ft diameters.

Where space restrictions make ice storage a little more complicated, we provide a bespoke design and build service to suit any dimension requirements.

Pendular rake

Ziegra offers a number of options to suit customer requirements, from specialist containerised pendular rakes for smaller projects, to 30-tonne incline systems.

Ice carts

Effective ice handling and transportation from commercial ice machines, storage bins or orbital silos requires specialist equipment, such as insulated poly ice carts.

Ice boxes

Ice boxes can be used to collect and transport ice from commercial ice machines, or to collect it in a coldroom or ice store. Ziegra ice boxes are insulated and poly moulded to allow for safe and efficient ice transport.

Ice Conveyors

Ziegra has delivered numerous turnkey ice plant projects all over the world, incorporating ice conveyors to enable easy movement from storage to end use.