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StreamIce Machines

The StreamIce® brand was established by Ziegra as a name for their range of unique saltwater and freshwater liquid ice system products and services.

Also known as flow ice, the liquid ice that these systems use is easily pumpable and used for rapid cooling and dosing.

As such, StreamIce® machines are perfect for a number of processes in the food production industries, such fish cooling and temperature control of ingredient mixing.

Although the products deliver excellent cooling results, the higher water content makes StreamIce® less suitable for use in storage applications, especially when compared with crushed ice machines, for example.

StreamIce Machines StreamIce Machines

Saltwater StreamIce®

By using salt content as a freezing point depressant, the temperature of the ice can be lowered - or even varied, simply by altering the concentration levels of the salt.

Similarly, with Saltwater StreamIce®, it’s also possible to vary the ice fraction or ratio between ice crystals and water, in order to control cooling capacity.

Typical applications of Saltwater StreamIce® include:

• Seafood industry

• Bakery

• Ice pigging (removal of unwanted deposits in pipe/tube systems)

Freshwater StreamIce®

Produced using a mixture of ice and freshwater, this is primarily used in food manufacturing applications, particularly where a focus on reducing salt content is a consideration.

As commercial ice machines that are able to provide automatic dosing results, Freshwater StreamIce® systems are virtually unrivalled, thanks to their superior cooling capacity compared to chilled water.

More about StreamIce®

For further information on the innovation that can be pumped like water but retains the cooling power of ice, or for more details on StreamIce® systems, please contact us.