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250kg IcePort

The Ziegra ZBE 250-IcePort makes up to 250kg of flake ice in one of two sizes and stores 80kg of ice ready for use in a BR80 cart below the machine. The machine is mounted above the cart on an elevated frame. Does not include the BR80 ice cart(s), which should be purchased separately.

There are two options to choose from; 
ZBE 250-IcePort CoolNat with a natural refrigerant for standard environments and applications.
ZBE 250-IcePort with R452a refrigerant for applications and environments where more flexibility is required.

ZBE 250 main features

  • Ice level control system included as standard
  • Granular flake ice made at optimum temperature of -0.5°C.
  • Two sizes of ice flake available: micro and midi, to suit a wide range of applications
  • Hygienic design with a sealed water system
  • External water filtration system supplied as standard.
  • Designed for continuous operation 24/7
  • Stainless steel construction
  • No moving parts in refrigeration circuit lowers risk of gas leaks

IcePort main features

  • Compatible with BR80 ice carts, or other carts of a similar size. 
  • Improved protection against external contamination e.g. touching the ice, airbourne dust, spillage etc.
  • Protects from melt loss, warm air is inhibited from circulating directly above the ice.
  • The straight to cart design avoids the need to shovel the ice from a static bin
  • Mobile ice storage, IcePort can be positioned away from where the ice is used.
  • Easy to install, maintain and clean.



ZBE 250-IcePort CoolNat

ZBE 250-IcePort

250kg / 24h nominal capacity*

at 20°C air and 15°C water

Ice storage capacity

According to ice cart

Assembled dimensions (W x D x H)

820 x 1,000 x 1,700mm high

Assembled weight (empty)



Stainless steel 1.4301

power consumption
current consumption


Provided by customer
electric supply
fuse, slow-blow
cable cross section, Cu

1/N/PE ~ 230V 50Hz

supply / drain
provided by customer
pH value

¾” BSP / 18mm O/D hose

2 – 5 bar
drinking water quality
7.2 – 9.5 pH
6 – 14 °dH / 100 – 250mg CaCO3/l
5°C - 30°C

Ambient air temperature

5°C - 42°C

air flow
heat emission

Air cooled
800 m3/h

Air cooled
830 m3/h

Refrigerant type
Refrigerant charge
CO² tonnes equivalent



refrigeration capacity
evaporation temperature
condensation temperature

Fully hermetic

Fully hermetic

Noise level

50dBA (3m)

Ice discharge

B type

Shipping dimensions (W x D x H)

(1.1 x 0.9 x 1.1m high) + (0.76 x 0.66 x 0.79m)

Shipping weight

(90kg) + (95kg)

*according to site conditions. Air temperature, water temperature, water chemistry, air contamination and installation parameters can all effect ice output.

All product, product specifications and data are subject to change without notice

A: Ice machine
B: IcePort
C: Electrical connection
D: Water inlet: 3/4"
E: Meltwater drain ø 14mm
F: Floor Drain (by customer)

Ice cart shown for illustration purposes only, not included.

The ZBE 250-IcePort will be delivered according to CE standards and ready for connection to water power and drain.

Includes as standard:

  • High pressure pressostat
  • Water supply control
  • Motor protection for the compressor
  • B type ice discharge
  • Ice level control by mechanical switch
  • 1 x connecting cable 3.5m
  • 1 x Flexible 2 metre water supply hose
  • 1 x flexible 2 metre drain hose
  • 1 x PE ice scoop
  • 1 x Hygiene +: Auto water drain
  • 1 x Hygiene+: Ziegra Single water filtration kit
  • 1 x ice paddle

Configuration Options


Drain Pump

Pumps the drain water into the site drain if it is too high or far away for gravity drainage. Supplied with a 2 metre flex, it can be directly wired into a fused spur or a plug fitted (not supplied) and plugged into a standard 3 pin socket. Mount on the floor underneath the machine. Not suitable for dusty environments.


Condenser options

Water cooled instead of air-cooled:  where air-cooling is not possible.Useful in applications where the machine must be installed into an area with poor ventilation where a remote aircooled condenser is not possible. Requires change to R452a

Water connections: 1/2" Male
Water flow: 110 l/h
Heat emission: 1.3kW


Remote condenser option: The condenser supplied separately to the machine for remote mounting, typically outside, when the machine is to be located in areas that poorly ventilated, are colder than 5ºC in winter or have airbourne contamination such as flour dust. Available as standard for indoor mounting, weatherproof for outside mounting and cu/cu saltwater resistant for mounting in areas close to the sea. Requires change to R452a

Low noise condenser: Only for remote installation. Use when the condenser will be going in an area sensitive to noise, such as residential.



The machine equipped to deal with intermittent temperatures below 5°C, only available in conjunction with remote condenser option above.


Additional Hygiene Options


Hygiene +: Auto cleaning, disinfection and flushing system.

Automatic cleaning, disinfection and flushing of water carrying parts. Details on request.


Hygiene +: UV sterilization

sterilization of the incoming water supply by mean of UV filter, all incoming water is passed through a powerful UV field on its way into the machine which kill almost all biohazards in the water supply. Slows down proliferation of water-borne bacteria inside the machine during operation.

Sanitiser solution: 5litre tub part # ZUK9700044

Ziegra ice machine sanitiser is an anti-bacterial product designed for both regular preventative use and intensive cleaning operations.


Spare filter cartridge: #ZUK9700040

Standard replacement cartridge for the Ziegra single kit, requires change every 6 months.


Ancillary Items


7 day timer

Allows programming of the machine to make ice at specific times of the day or night.


BR 80 insulated ice cart

80kg capacity insulated ice cart, moulded from food safe polymer for maximum hygiene. With removeable lid.