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Micro Flake Ice 

Type: Flake ice (granular)
Temperature: - 0.5°C
Size:  small flakes

Like all other types of Ziegra flake ice, micro ice consists of irregular pieces of ice. In the case of micro ice, these pieces are  small, which means there is greater surface area contact with a given product and therefore the rate of cooling is increased. Micro ice is also gentle on delicate products.

Typical uses for micro ice are:

  • Dough cooling in bakeries
  • cooling meat during bowl chopping
  •  Immersion cooling processes (cook & chill)
  • Icing delicate products . e.g. herbs and prawns
  • Sample cooling in Laboratories


The small piece size of micro flake ice can be seen in the picture left. The ice held in a hand hopefully provides sufficient perspective, so it can easily be compared with our other ice types. You will find a similar image on the page for each ice type



Micro ice is very searching. When packing a product such as prawns the ice is added to the top, the box is then shaken and the ice finds its way between the product and into every nook and cranny.

Other types of flake ice would just sit on the top, leaving the product below unprotected.



*Flake ice requires drainage during filling and storage.