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Midi Flake Ice

Type: Flake ice (granular)
Temperature: - 0.5°C
Size: Medium flakes

Like all other types of Ziegra flake ice, midi ice consists of irregular granular pieces of ice. In the case of midi ice, these are wide ranging in size, with a mix of medium sized flakes, interspersed with much smaller pieces, making this ice a good general purpose ice and a good compromise between micro and macro ice sizes.




The size of the flakes can be seen in the picture on the left, where it is held in the hand.You will find images of ice in someones hand on each ice type page, which hopefully provides perspective, so that a direct comparison can be made with our  other ice types

Ice in storage bins can be kept for several days in a room at ambient temperature, but the ice will remains loose and friable 

The most common application for midi ice is for the display of fish in retail outlets such as fishmongers, supermarkets and food service stations.

It is also very popular for packing whole fish and fillets in processors.

Where the ice is to be used for other things such as soft drinks, wine presentation etc, nuggett ice is probably a better option

*Flake ice requires drainage during filling and storage.