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Ice bunkers

The ice bunkers we manufacture are designed for use in conjunction with ice making machines and suitable for installation both indoors and outdoors.

Available in two standard design types - free standing or elevated - ice bunkers can be custom designed and built to virtually any size.

The most popularly specified products and dimensions are as follows:

• BU1.000 (1,000kg capacity)

• BU3.000 (3,000kg capacity)

• BU5.000 (5,000kg capacity)

If you require a specific size or capacity, please contact us to discuss your particular project requirements.

Ice Bunkers

Ice bunker construction

Our ice bunkers work well in conjunction with heavy duty industrial ice making machines thanks to precision design and robust manufacturing standards.

They are extremely efficient, featuring as few moving parts as possible and composed of high performance cold room panels and hard wearing stainless steel floors.

All materials used are non-corrosive and designed to minimise condensation, spillage and melt losses.

Free standing ice bunkers feature full height doors to facilitate pump truck access and placement of ice tubs for filling.

The elevated ice bunkers we supply incorporate a steel frame for support, with a hatch to allow accumulation and removal of ice in a tub placed underneath.

Further information

Ziegra ice bunkers are ideal for storing crushed, shaved or flake ice at an appropriate temperature to prevent it freezing together.

For more details on our ice bunkers and the Ziegra ice machines they work with most effectively, please speak to a member of our team on 0844 880 8055.