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Ice machine for MFV Kingfisher

   New ice machine for MFV Kingfisher

 Alpino Services in Cornwall has installed another Ziegra ice machine on board a boat the MFV Kingfisher.

The ice machine is a model SWE1.250TW which can be configured to make granular flake ice from seawater or freshwater. It can also be configured to make slurry ice if required.


Alpino Services also used one of their new ice machine covers, which provides additional protection when the machine is installed in a harsh environment.  
  The cover features a zip open transparent section which provides easy viewing and access of the control panel.

The new Ziegra Trawler Triple filter was provided with this machine and can be seen installed here

To talk to Alpino Refrigeration about an on board ice machine in Cornwall or for more details of the machine covers, call Alex Pino on 07540 154 456 or email




Published on January 4, 2017 at 11:26 AM