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1,250kg Trawler Flake Ice Machine

The Ziegra SWE 1.250TW makes 1,250kg per 24 hours of fresh water flake ice or 1,000kg per 24hrs of salt water ice. It is available in both standard UK and tropical versions.

SWE 1.250TW main features

  • Ice level control system included as standard
  • Ice from saltwater or freshwater.
  • Hygienic design with a sealed water system
  • All connections in one easy access manifold
  • Designed for continuous operation 24/7
  • Stainless steel frame and panels, as standard
  • No moving parts in refrigeration circuit lowers risk of gas leaks


SWE 1.250TW

  Freshwater (kg/24hr) Seawater (kg/24hr)

 Nominal capacity*



Dimensions (W x D x H)

700 x 800 x 1410 mm




Stainless steel 1.4301

power consumption
current consumption
electric supply
fuse, slow-blow
cable cross section, Cu

25A - Slow

Water Connections
supply / drain

Cooling water inlet

Cooling water outlet




1/2” BSP 

3/4" BSP

3/4" BSP


2 – 5 bar

5°C - 30°C

Cooling Water

Seawater cooled
580 litres/hr



Ice discharge

See options list

Shipping dimensions (W x D x H)

800 x 900 x 1,700mm

Shipping weight


*according to site conditions. Air temperature, water temperature, water chemistry, air contamination and installation parameters can all effect ice output.

All product, product specifications and data are subject to change without notice

B: Ice discharge. 90mm Ø
C: Water inlet. G 1/2" 
D: Electrical connection
E: Drain . G 1/2"
O: Cooling water inlet: G 3/4" 
P: Cooling water outlet: G 3/4"

The SWE 1.250 ice machine will be delivered according to CE standards and ready for connection to water power and drain.


  • Hygiene +: Automatic water drain
  • 3 min. overrun to use the re-evaporation after switch off.
  • Condensation control in order to maintain high ice quality
  • Phase sequence relay
  • Overload cut-out / thermal switch for all motors and compressor
  • High/low pressure control
  • Water level monitoring
  • Ice discharge hose or tube, according to requirement
  • Switch off by light scanner or light barrier when ice receptacle full.
  • 1 x Flexible 2 metre water supply hose
  • 1 x flexible 2 metre drain hose
  • 1 x PE ice scoop
  • Ziegra Trawler Triple water filtration system

Ice discharge type L: Ice discharge by flexible hose, level control by reflection sensor.

Standard option for all SWE models, the flexible tube can be routed into other compartments. In order to avoid blockage it is advisable to maintain a fall over between 35 and 45deg from horizontal. Suitable for freshwater and saltwater.

State dimension X when ordering.


Ice discharge type K: Ice discharge by rigid pipe, level control by light barrier. 

Optional for all SWE models, the rigid pipe drops vertically down to discharge ice below the machine position. Suitable only for freshwater.

State dimension Y when ordering.


Frostguard: The machine equipped to deal with intermittent temperatures below 5°C, only available in conjunction with remote condenser option above.

Cold installation pack: Extra insulation and heater for installation in a coldroom below 5degC. Only available in conjuntion with remote condenser option above.

Ice maker only: For installation with a customer’s own refrigeration unit or central refrigeration system

Painted pipework: Refrigeration pipework painted, required when machine will be located in areas exposed to ammonia in the atmosphere.


Sanitiser solution: 5litre tub part # ZUK9700044
Ziegra ice machine sanitiser is an anti-bacterial product designed for both regular preventative use and intensive cleaning operations.

Poly ice shovel: One piece moulded ice shovel in white for the hygienic and rapid removal of ice from boxes, bunkers and bins.