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Hygienic ice machine and storage

A bakery needed an ice machine and storage solution for their speciality products. As hygiene was a top concern, they came to Ziegra for a solution. A ZBE 1.200 from our instrinsically hygienic granular flake ice range was selected and matched to a BK200 FIFO (first ice in, first ice out) elevated ice storage bin. To further improve the hygiene, a UV filtration unit was fitted between the standard Ziegra Triple system and the machine inlet to sterilise the mains water, thus improving the already impressive hygiene of the standard machine. This setup helps to maintain the machine in a hygienic condition for the maximum amount of time between sanitising. To reduce the downtime when this does become necessary, an automatic Ziegra Cleaning, disinfection and rinsing system was specified to make the whole process as easy as possible.
Above: Machine with bin and cart system   Above: UV filtration unit
Above: the control panels for the automatic cleaning, disinfection and rinsing system, a Hygiene+ option.   Above: the red device at top right is the reflection scanner, this stops the machine when it is full and restarts it again when ice is removed from the bin


Published on July 17, 2019 at 10:37 AM