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200kg elevated ice storage with cart

200kg insulated ice storage bin on a support frame with a 80kg cart that docks below the bin. The cart is filled by gravity by pulling a lever, thus eliminating the arduous task of shovelling ice from the bin.

BK200 main features

  • Oldest ice used first for increased hygiene
  • Gravity unloading of bin, reduces manual handling of ice
  • 80kg ice cart makes transporting ice easy
  • Durable polyethylene lift door with no sharp edges
  • Non CFC insulation and poly lined for easy cleaning
  • Cart drainage docking system integrated in to the bin support frame
  • Stainless steel construction 


stainless steel

Internal finish:

Polyethylene lined

Ice storage capacity:

200kg (0.6m3)

Insulation material:

Non cfc polyurethane foam


14mm ᴓ

Weight (empty):


Shipping dimensions:

1 piece: (1320 x 910 x 2300mm high)

Shipping weight:


For ice machines:

ZBE/ZNE models, capacities from 150kg to 1,200kg / 24h

*Estimated. Type/position of ice machines can effect the ice capacity.

All product, product specifications and data are subject to change without notice

F: Drain 14mm

  • 1 x frame and bin (supplied assembled)
  • 1 x flexible 2 metre drain hose
  • 1 x BR 80 insulated ice cart
  • top pre-prepared for selected Ziegra ice machine or blank

Sanitiser solution: 5litre tub part # ZUK9700044

Ziegra ice machine sanitiser is an anti-bacterial product designed for both regular preventative use and intensive cleaning operations.


Drain Pump

Pumps the drain water into the site drain if it is too high or far away for gravity drainage. Supplied with a 2 metre flex, it can be directly wired into a fused spur or a plug fitted (not supplied) and plugged into a standard 3 pin socket. Mount on the floor underneath the machine. Not suitable for dusty environments.


Additional BR 80 ice cart:

80kg capacity insulated ice cart, moulded from food safe polymer for maximum hygiene. With removeable lid. Gives one bin to fill while another is being used.