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Granular Ice For Fish Processing


A Scottish fish processor needed their own reliable source of ice and had considered several ice machine manufacturers, but after asking around they decided to approach Ziegra.

We discussed various ice types, but in the end they decided on granular flake ice for its excellent storage characteristics and intrinsic hygiene. This type of ice comes in three sizes and they chose the midi size flake for its general performance and versatility.

Once the ice type was decided, after discussions about the quantity of ice required and space available they decided on a ZBE 1.000 model installed above their coldroom.


A custom ice discharge arrangement was designed for them which consists of a flexible hose feeding into a rigid downpipe.

The ice emerges from the ceiling of the coldroom and is deflected by an elbow to evenly fill an array of insulated poly bins below.

The red level control oposite, monitors the height of the ice pile and at a pre-set value the machine is automatically switched off. Once ice is removed, the machine starts again automatically.


One of the workers responsible for the ice, Sam Morrison told us 'We've stored the ice in the insulated ice boxes with lids and have used it with no difficulty'. 'Even after ten days of storage, it remains loose and easy to spread'

A Ziegra triple filter fitted to the side of the machine comes as standard and forms a first line of defence when it comes to hygiene, helping to protect the machine from minerals and particles in the water.

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Published on August 20, 2018 at 03:41 PM