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Ice Machine Parts

We carry a full range of spare parts ready for immediate despatch to service or repair your Ziegra ice machine.

Spare parts availability is guaranteed for a minimum of fifteen years. However, we are still supporting many machines that are twenty five years old.

A complete service kit can be purchased for your machine. The service kit contains all  the genuine Ziegra parts needed to carry out the annual service for a given model of machine. Machines should only be serviced using genuine Ziegra parts and only by personnel qualified and competent to do so. A range of service tool kits for our ice machines are also available to make the service tasks much easier.

Ziegra genuine service parts are manufactured to meet the specific design and performance criteria necessary for optimal performance of your equipment. The use of parts that are not Ziegra service parts may negatively impact the performance, reliability and longevity of your ice machine.

Your Ziegra warranty will not cover any damage resulting from the use of non Ziegra approved parts.