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Ice Machine Maintenance

When covered by a Ziegra service contract, one of our technicians will perform the annual service on your Ziegra ice machine and check it is running within normal parameters. Our service department will manage this for you and contact you when the service is due.

In between service visits, it is recommended that you carry out the following maintenance tasks:

  • Weekly - clean the exterior surfaces of your Ziegra ice machine with warm soapy water.
  • Monthly – remove the panels from the ice machine and clean out any debris that may have been sucked into the machine and clean the internal surfaces with a damp cloth. Gently brush the condenser fins with a soft brush, be careful as the fins are very delicate and will bend out of shape easily. Empty the ice bin / cart and clean with warm soapy water, then wipe the internal surfaces with Ziegra sanitizer. Finally run some sanitizer through the machine following the directions.
  • Every six months – change the water filter cartridge(s) – for cartridges see filter page here

If you have an older model that was not supplied with a water filtration system, we highly recommend buying one and fitting it as soon as possible.

If your machine is not covered by a Ziegra service contract, you should contact Ziegra annually to have the machine serviced.

Failure to change the filters at the prescribed intervals and have the machine serviced annually may invalidate the warranty of the ice machine and may also cause premature wear and adversely affect the performance, reliability and longevity of your Ziegra ice machine. See our Terms & Conditions  for details

Warning: The above tasks should only be carried out by competent personnel with the ice machine isolated from the electrical power source.

Service Contracts

Like any other machine, an ice machine benefits from regular servicing. Taking out an annual service contract means that the machine will run more efficiently, will last longer and be more reliable in service. Other service intervals are available on request to suit individual site requirements including sanitation of machines if required. Customers with service contracts also benefit from discounted spare parts pricing and receive preferential treatment when we are busy. Ad-hoc servicing is also available. 

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