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Scale Ice Machines

Scale Ice MachinesScale ice is an extremely versatile product, with a number of diverse commercial applications, from the fishing industry to the construction sector.

It is much flatter and thinner than nugget ice and made by scale ice machines at a lower temperature, around -7℃, meaning it is actually cold enough refreeze its own meltwater.

To combat this, scale ice storage should always be maintained at a temperature below 0℃, to avoid the formation of jagged or fused lumps which are not fit for purpose.

As with StreamIce® systems, the output of scale ice machines can be altered and controlled by the introduction of salt.

Smaller flakes are produced via the use of just fresh water but the introduction of the appropriate salt levels can improve the quality and size of the ice.

Applications for scale ice machines

Ziegra designs and manufactures scale ice machines with up to 2,500kg capacity, specifically for installation on board fishing vessels.

These are comprehensively tested to ensure optimum suitability for their setting, in terms of reliability, consistency and robustness in harsh conditions.

Fish packing aside, scale ice machines are not recommended for applications where the ice will be mixed with food products.

Larger scale ice machines up to 15,000kg capacity are available for use in heavy industry critical operations such as concrete cooling and reactor cooling.

More info on scale ice machines

For further details on scale ice making machines and their prospective applications, please click on the individual product or contact us to speak to a member of our helpful team.

On Board Scale Ice Machines

Machines for use on board fishing vessels

Ice Type

Scale Ice


1.000 - 2.500kg / 24h

Industrial Scale Ice Machines

Machines for industrial applications such as concrete cooling

Ice Type

Scale Ice


2.000 - 15.000kg / 24h