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Ziegra Triple MKIII

Reduces scale, dirt and sediment in the water supply.

Main Features

  • Reduces maintenance and service costs
  • Blocks particles down to one micron
  • Anti-scale function reduces the effects of dissolved minerals in the water.
  • Three stage process for high efficiency and lower running costs.
  • Low water pressure drop
  • Pressure monitoring system built in.
  • Designed for continuous operation
  • Poly construction for high resistance to corrosion and improved hygiene
  • Tough construction with one piece moulded head for good shock resistance


Ziegra Triple MKIII

Models applicable:

All granular and nugget flake ice machines 500kg +





Water inlet:

15mm compression fitting

Water outlet:

3/4" BSP male

Pressure range:

2 - 7 bar

Temperature range:

5°C to 40°C


410 x 410 x 120mm



Packed dimensions

500 x 410 x 200mm

Packed weight:


All product, product specifications and data are subject to change without notice



  • 1 x 15mm adaptor stud (fitted)
  • 1 x 15mm non return valve
  • 1 x 3/4" BSP adaptor (fitted)
  • 1 x Bowl spanner
  • 2 x pressure indication gauges (fitted)


Spare parts and replacement cartridges


Coarse filter (ZUK9700033):
A coarse pre-filter that can be washed once or twice, but loses some efficiency every time it is washed. Ziegra recommend changing this cartridge every six months as a minimum for hygiene reasons.

Anti-scale cartridge (ZUK9700032):
The second stage filter contains crystals that help slow down the rate at which dissolved minerals in mains water adhere to the  surfaces inside the machine. This should be changed when it runs low.

Fine filter (ZUK9700031):
The final stage filter, non washable so must be replaced when blocked. Ziegra recommends that this cartridge should be changed every six months as a minimum for hygiene reasons.


Replacement filter bowl (ZUK9700038-3):
Spare filter bowls are sold individually to replace bowls that are lost or damaged in service.

Water connection hose (ZUK970221124):
A 2 metre long food quality hose with 3/4" BSP female fitting on each end.