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Ziegra is involved in all aspects of the fish sector, including catching, wholesale, processing and retail.

We offer a wide range of equipment to the fishing industry from small machines for fishmongers to large capacity ice plants for ports and everything in-between, including trawler machines and large land machines for processing and wholesalers.


Ziegra ice has an ideal temperature of -0.5°C

  • Always easy handling
    free flowing ice at all times for preserving fish and seafood.
  • Better preservation of your products
    improves shelf life with no discolouration of the fish, thanks to the ideal ice at -0.5°C.
  • Excellent ice quality
    not too hard and no sharp edges.
  • Perfect for the fish display 
    easy modelling to create the shape you want.
  • Extended intervals for re-icing
    midi ice or macro ice up to 9.5 mm thick to last longer.







Made in Germany

  • Continuous quality control at ZIEGRA
    to secure a long operating life.
  • Maximum hygiene
    due to the closed water system.
  • Safe cooling circuit (Freon)
    has no rotating parts.
  • Full product range
    up to 10,000 kg or 24,000 l / 24 h.
  • Guaranteed capacity
    even at high ambient temperatures.
  • Minimum 15 years guarantee
    on the availability of spare parts.