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Bakers have realised long ago that the most effective way to control dough temperature is to add ice as a percentage  of the total dough content for a given mix and by varying the ratio of ice and water you can control the dough temperature and therefore maximise the dough development in the baking process.

For many small or medium sizes bakeries, many ingredients are added manually, so ice can be treated as just one of those ingredients.

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Larger bakeries have strived to move towards a totally automated process to eliminate the possibility of human error and contamination risk. As part of this strategy some bakers favoured the use of chilled water over the use of ice because this could be added manually. The issue with this is that chilled water has approximately only 25% of the cooling capacity of ice. Ziegra recognised that there was a real need for something new. StreamIce© is our brand name for a range of fully automatic freshwater liquid ice systems, which provide all the benefits and control requirements needed but with a much greater cooling capacity than chilled water.

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