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Pendular Ice Rake

Pendular Ice Rake

Pendular Ice Rake

Pendular ice rake

Ziegra is a leading global manufacturer and supplier of pendular ice rakes, an extremely specialist range of products for use with commercial ice makers.

These modular systems are designed to provide large storage capacity and enable higher delivery speeds.

Pendular ice rakes are suitable for a variety of applications and are easily integrated with delivery conveyors, weighing systems and other commercial ice machine apparatus.

Thanks to to their modular design, they can be assembled within existing structures, without the need to use heavy lifting equipment, or remove walls, roofs and windows.

If the system design requires a standalone pendular ice rake, rather than installation within a building, these products only require cladding in an appropriate material.

Their self supporting construction and unique design means no separate structure or new building is necessary to house them.

This benefit is a rare advantage over most conventional ice plants, meaning Ziegra pendular ice rakes can generate considerable time and cost savings on projects.

What if I don’t have room for a pendular ice rake?

For smaller scale operations, a containerised pendular ice rake may be the most suitable and cost effective option.

Developed by Ziegra Ice Machines to satisfy the demand for the same standards of efficiency and effectiveness from clients with less space, these products are the ideal reduced footprint solution.

More information

For further details on our range of containerised and pendular ice rakes, or to discuss the most appropriate option for your project requirements, please contact us.