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Ice carts

Commercial ice machines by Ziegra create various types of ice, which can be stored cleanly and conveniently, prior to movement for use.

When it becomes necessary to transfer the ice from an ice machine or storage bin, an ice cart is an ideal way to do this, offering an easy-to-use insulated solution with no significant levels of melt loss.

Our BR80 insulated ice cart is the ideal complement applications where the point-of-use will be in a different area to the point of storage.

To minimise contamination and to comply with relevant hygiene legislation regarding commercial ice machines and storage, our ice carts are supplied with close fitting lids.

It is advisable to keep these attached when immediate access to the ice is not required, to prevent foreign objects falling into the ice carts.

Similarly, any scoops or shovels used with Ziegra ice carts should be regularly inspected, cleaned and sanitised in order to maintain best practice standards of cleanliness and hygiene.

Ice Carts

Ice Carts




Which type of ice cart?

Our ice carts are currently available in two different capacity types:

• BR 40- capable of holding approximately 55kg of ice for easy and efficient transportation

• BR 80- approximately 100kg ice capacity, can also be used with totes that enable measured amounts of around 10kg to be removed from the cart

More information on ice carts

For more details on Ziegra’s extensive range of ice carts, including which ones are best with which type and size of commercial ice machine, please contact us to speak to a member of our helpful team.