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Ice Boxes

Ice Boxes

Ice BoxesMany of Ziegra’s commercial ice machines are relied on by clients for use in applications where - in addition to reliable high-quality ice production - a secure, hygienic and cost-effective storage provision is required.

The lowest cost option without any compromise on quality is our range of insulated ice boxes, available in a wide variety of sizes to particular operational requirements.

Reasons for needing ice boxes may include irregular peak demands for ice during a 24-hour period or to enable a switch to lower power at non operational times.

Typically, these ‘off peak’ hours requirements for commercial ice boxes are found in businesses such as bars, restaurants and supermarkets.

Features of ice boxes

When used in conjunction with Ziegra commercial ice machines, our ice boxes offer a number of advantages to users, including:

• Optimal filling levels - waste is minimised as the ice machine stops dispensing automatically when ice box is full, thanks to levels control sensors fitted to ice outlets

• Automated filling - when a full ice box is exchanged for an empty one, the sensors will restart dispensing ice automatically

• Easy cleaning - provided that ice boxes are ideally kept in areas away from airborne contaminants and external heat sources, regular cleaning requires just warm, soapy water and Ziegra sanitiser

More information on ice boxes

To find out more about our comprehensive selection of commercial ice boxes, including advice on pricing, capacity sizes or quantities required, please click on a product below or call 0161 429 0525 to speak to a member of our sales team.

70 Litre Insulated Poly Ice Box

Model: IB35

A Polyethylene insulated ice storage box

100 Litre Insulated Poly Ice Box

Model: IB50

A polyethylene ice storage box

310 Litre Insulated Poly Ice Box

Model: IB150

A Polyethylene ice storage box

600 Litre Insulated Poly Ice Storage Box

Model: IB300

A Polyethylene ice storage box

1000 Litre Insulated Poly Ice Storage Box

Model: IB500

A Polyethylene ice storage box