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Ice Bins

  • The construction of Ziegra bins are of welded steel shell and frame.
  • The exteriors have a stainless steel finish while inside the bins feature a non-corroding, polyethylene liner for easy cleaning and chlorine resistance.
  • Insulation is non-CFC polyurethane foam, bonded to shell and liner for added strength. 
  • All bins have a stainless steel top that is cut to suit your new or existing Ziegra ZBE ice machine.
  • We offer three levels of bin to match our ZBE modular range of ice machines, detailed below.

Slope Front Bins

These are our simplest and lowest cost units in two capacities. They have 153mm adjustable legs with a sloping ice access lid in the front of the bin. The lid is lifted and held open with a stainless catch mounted on the front of the ice machine, while the ice is scooped out. 


Low cost and hygienic construction


Ice must be removed by hand with a scoop and the conventional design means the first ice used is the newest ice from the top of the bin which can result in stale ice gathering in the bottom of the bin unless emptied regularly.

Upright bins

These are our middle range of bins in terms of cost and features.


Hygienic design, strong build


While ice can be removed rapidly by shovel, it must still be removed by hand.

Elevated Bins and Carts

These are our highest specification manual ice bin. They consist of an elevated ice bin on a frame with a cart(s) that plug in underneath. The ice is loaded into the cart by pulling a handle, the ice then falls into the bin and the handle pushed back to seal up the bin again. 


Ice is removed by gravity which saves labour in scooping and shoveling, first ice in is the first ice out, so no possibility of stale ice build-up in the bottom of the bin.

For large automatic ice storage solutions see our Dynamic ice storage section.