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Containerised Storage

Containerised Storage

Containerised Storage

What is containerised ice storage?

Containerised ice storage is a solution developed to suit situations where it may be impossible to provide a dedicated new building for an ice plant.

Whether the restrictions are spatial, budgetary or administrative, containerised ice storage can address these by incorporating storage and commercial ice machine.

These combinations are available in a wide range of ice machine sizes and storage configurations.

Do you need containerised ice storage?

Our bespoke consultation, design, build and installation process begins with a comprehensive consultation meeting between clients and our experienced industry specialists.

Following detailed assessment and discussion to establish current client needs and projected requirements, we’re able to provide long lasting and futureproof installations.

Often, the reliability and robustness of our containerised ice storage applications are essential requirements due the exposed nature of many proposed ice machine and plant locations.

Containerised ice storage applications

Following consultation and confirmation of requirements, ice machines and containerised storage configurations can be developed and installed for numerous environments.

The rigorous testing processes and hard wearing materials employed during containerised storage product manufacture make them ideal for extreme weather situations.

From smaller setups that serve the needs of fishing vessels to large scale industrial ice machines for various process applications, we can design and build precision systems to suit.

Types of ice that can be held in containerised storage include scale, block and granular flake ice.

Further information

To request more details on containerised ice storage products or to arrange a consultation with Ziegra commercial ice machine specialists, please contact us.