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Stand-alone ice plants

Stand-alone ice plants are normally situated in their own building, but if sufficient space is available in an existing building then this can also be accomodated. These plants usually consist of one or more machines producing ice by gravity into a large ice silo. This ice will then be extracted by a powerful auger assembly in the base into a conveyor system designed to take the ice to the point(s) of use. Mainly used by very large scale food operations, chemical factories or fish ports.

The image on the left shows a typical arrangement for these systems, with an ice machine(s) on a mezzanine or floor above producing ice and feeding it by gravity in a large silo below. The silo then discharges ice on demand on to a bespoke conveyor system to feed a demand such as a production process, reactor or fishing vessel.

Silos are available from 3 tonnes up to 15 tonnes capacity and due to their first ice in, first ice out principle of operation they are more hygienic than alternative methods.

When paired with our intrinsically hygienic granular flake ice machines, this makes for a very hygienic core system, to which you could add further hygiene options such as UV filters and our dedicated automatic 'R+D' clean and disinfection systems.

For those customers not so concerned with ice hygiene we can also supply scale ice machines instead, although these will require the silo to be refrigerated to below -5°C


Popular options for these plants are dynamic weighing systems to measure the quantity of ice being discharged, dosing systems to automatically dose fixed quantities of ice at the push of a button and self-service systems so authorized operatives can help themselves to ice without needing a 'plant operator'.

If you have a project that would require a stand-alone ice plant, please contact us to discuss your application in more detail.