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Containerised ice plants

Containerised ice plants are available to make and store granular flake ice, scale ice and StreamIce®. The granular flake ice and scale ice versions are manual extraction systems, where the ice is removed by an operator, usually through hatches in the side in carts or dolav type bins.

The image on the left shows a 40ft containerised ice plant with granular flake ice production at one end and ice storage at the other. The ice is 'blown' from the production section into the storage section and the ice is then accessed through hatches in the side and raked into carts by operators.

The container is normally elevated on legs to make raking the ice easier.

These systems are delivered ready to run and simply require a suitable base and connection to utilities.


The image on the right shows a containerised StreamIce® (SI) system, which consists of ice machine making SI from 3% brine. This StreamIce® is then stored in the SIB tank, which agitates and conditions the ice ready for pumping to a point of use on demand.

StreamIce can be pumped long distances, so is useful where the standalone ice plant is remote from the point of use. It also has a very fast cooling rate due to its microscopic ice crystal structure so is useful for rapid chilling of fish, hides etc.





An alternative layout is where two containers are stacked on top of each other, with the ice production plantroom in the top container and the ice storage in the bottom container.

The image on the right shows this type of layout, in this particular case it is a StreamIce® system but the bottom container could also be a store for granular flake or scale ice.

For the more budget conscious, we can supply pre-used shipping containers for this type of layout, with a standard container on the top and a reefer type container on the bottom.

This layout can be supplied as either stacked 20ft or stacked 40ft versions.