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Ice Plants

Ziegra have many years experience in designing fully automatic ice plants. We have three main types of automatic ice plant, stand-alone, integrated and containerised, which are featured below.

Within each different type, their are several sub-types and options, which gives great flexibility, allowing us to offer solutions for most problems. We offer a complete turnkey service, from initial consultation, through site survey to design, manufacture and ultimately installation, commissioning and training.


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Integrated ice plants

An integrated ice plant is usually designed as a complete turnkey package to integrate into a new or existing production process. These plants can produce either granular flake ice or freshwater StreamIce® and consist of one or more ice production units paired with one or more ice storage / buffer units with automatic ice extraction.

Stand-alone ice plants

Stand-alone ice plants are normally situated in their own building, but if sufficient space is available in an existing building then this can also be accomodated. These plants usually consist of one or more machines producing ice by gravity into a large ice silo. This ice will then be extracted by a powerful auger assembly in the base into a conveyor system designed to take the ice to the point(s) of use. Mainly used by very large scale food operations, chemical factories or fish ports.

Containerised ice plants

Containerised ice plants are available to make and store granular flake ice, scale ice and StreamIce®. The granular flake ice and scale ice versions are manual extraction systems, where the ice is removed by an operator, usually through hatches in the side in carts or dolav type bins.