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Stream Ice®

Type: A liquid, pumpable slurry ice
Temperature: varies
Size: tiny ice particles suspended in either freshwater or brine

StreamIce is like no other ice, it can be made from freshwater or seawater, it can be pumped like water, yet has the cooling power of ice.

Typical uses for StreamIce ice are:

  • Dough cooling
  • Packing of seafood on board trawlers
  • Ice pigging

StreamIce has around 25 to 40% of the cooling energy of flake ice, yet can be pumped like water from a central store anywhere within a factory or on a boat.

Made with tiny crystals and water make it the fastest cooling of all ice types.

When used to cool dough, it is automatically pumped into the mixer on demand and cools the dough to target temperature with great accuracy and consistency.

When used on board a trawler, the SI can be made from seawater and pumped into a full box of fish through a hose. The SI then finds its way into every nook and cranny and with its exceptionally high surface area, chills the fish down very quickly (around 4 times faster than flake ice).

As StreamIce consists of crystals of ice suspended in water, during storage it must be agitated constantly by a stirring mechanism to ensure that the particles do not drop out of suspension (ice is lighter than water and would otherwise float). This is achieved by Ziegra with our SIB range of liquid ice storage tanks.

The SIB's are a complete storage, agitation and pumping solution for StreamIce in one integrated product.

Ziegra has a range of StreamIce products available and can offer everything from a relatively simple push button system to a sophisticated, fully automatic and integrated system.