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Scale Ice

Type: Flake ice (scale type)
Temperature: -7°C
Size: varies

As with with other types of flake ice, scale ice consists of irregular pieces of ice. In the case of scale ice, these pieces are very thin and flat. Another feature of scale ice is that unlike granular flake ice, it is sub-cooled down to -7°C to make it brittle enough to harvest cleanly from the drum.

It is used extensively for certain applications:

  • Packing fish
  • Concrete cooling
  • Reactor cooling



The size of the scale ice flake varies according to machine size, the larger the model, the larger the flake.

Size is also governed by the use of salt. If the machine is run with just fresh water, smaller flakes will be produced. Using the right amount of salt will improve the quality, appearance and size of the flakes.

The thickness is not so variable and is normally between 1.5 to 2.5mm thick.




Care must be taken when storing scale ice, as it is cold enough to re-freeze its own melt water. This means that if you allow it to melt during storage, it will fuse together into large unusable lumps that must then be smashed apart. If the ice is not to be used immediately, it is recommend that a refrigerated store is used.