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Nugget Ice

Type: Nugget ice
Temperature: - 0.5°C
Size: Mini 'cubes' of ice

Nugget ice is made in a similar way to granular flake ice, but the ice is extruded through a die to give a more regular shape.

Nugget ice is very versatile for restaurants as a multi-purpose ice for food displays, champagne/seafood presentation, cocktails, iced coffees/teas and chilling of soft drinks.

Typical uses for nugget ice are:

  • Display of fish/salad/drinks in restaurants
  • Presentation of premium wines
  • Making cocktails
  • Ice blended coffee's and liquors
  • Cooling soft drinks - a soft and chewable ice.
Nugget ice is soft enough to chew without breaking your teeth and as it is so soft, it is much easier and quieter when blending to make iced coffee's, smoothies etc
Nugget ice is slightly trapezoidal and small enough to cool things very rapidly, either by immersion or contact.
It has an attractive white appearance when used for displays