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Macro Flake Ice

Type: Flake ice (granular)
Temperature: - 0.5°C
Size:  large flakes

Like all other types of flake ice, macro ice consists of irregular chips or flakes of ice. In the case of macro ice, these flakes are very large and thick, making this the slowest melting of all the flake ice types.

Some typical uses for macro ice are:

  • Packing shellfish and other tough products
  • Long distance transport of perishable goods
  • Bulk packing/cooling of whole salmon/trout
  • Icing hides/skins
  • Packing vegetables

 Large, thick flakes of Ziegra macro ice are  ideal  when the longevity of the ice is one of  the main  concerns.

 It was originally developed for use in the warm    climates where the benefits of flake ice were  needed but with a larger flake for  maximum  storage life at higher ambient  temperatures.

 This has made it a very popular flake type for  applications with similar problems in the UK..

 The ice is shown in someone's hand to give  perspective, when comparing with other Ziegra ice  types.

These images shows how large the flakes are compared to other types. This along with its optimum temperature gives macro ice exceptional storage characteristics. This ice will outlast any other flake type, it will never freeze together and its slightly curved shape means that it does not slide out of the door so readily when the bunker is opened, reducing a potential hazard
*Flake ice requires drainage during filling and storage.