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Ziegra UV Filters

UV Filters Are Your Friend

We talk a lot about hygiene at Ziegra, partly because it's important to most of our customers but also because we aim to provide the best possible options for all our machines and we have a number of possibilities to offer, UV being just one.

Even though our granular flake ice machines are intrinsically more hygienic than most of our competitors ice machines, we still recognise the need to offer several hygienic options depending on the requirements of the process we are evaluating.

Often we need to consider what is happening in the process and also what known issues the customer may have already experienced with their water, including bacteria.

There is always some level of bacteria present in any water supply and making sure that in any process you take appropriate measures to significantly reduce the possibility of bacterial growth is key. Our UV filter system is an efficient, low cost solution, when bacterial growth needs to be controlled.

The benefits of using Ziegra UV filters are pretty impressive;

  • inexpensive, around £200
  • low running costs. only 22W power consumption
  • environmentally friendly, no chemicals
  • kills 99.9% of micro organisms
  • continuous in-line process
  • has no effect on the ice machine capacity
  • low maintenance, no moving parts, lamp life expectancy approx 10,000 hrs
  • straight forward installation

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Published on March 18, 2019 at 11:55 AM