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Why Use Genuine Ziegra Parts


If you buy cheap, do you really pay twice?    

We have seen cases over the last few years where customers, with good intentions and in the interests of reducing costs, have purchased alternative parts, which on the surface look and are specified as being the same as genuine Ziegra parts.

As with most things, what you see on the surface is often misleading. There are many propriety components used by Ziegra but they are often a bespoke version of those parts, uniquely prepared to our specification




Over the years a great deal of R&D has been carried out to find bearing designs coupled with appropriately specified lubricants. This takes into account the specific features of the bearing, the lubricant specification, and the requirements of the industries we serve. key considerations are vertical load, axial load, dynamic effects, rotational speed range, temperature ranges, hygiene and many others too numerous to list. Standard off the shelf bearings are not designed and specified to meet the exacting specification needed for our ice machines.

The same can be said of the water seals we specify

We have had to put right the carnage created when the wrong parts have been used, as the bearings inevitably fail prematurely and often cause significant damage.

Using alternative bearings literally is false economy.


Water Filters

Water is water, right?

Our UK water supply is a complex matrix of reservoirs, all of which have different characteristics and when it comes to water filters for ice machines, finding the right balance to provide the best possible protection is tricky to say the least. Just as when you boil a kettle and some of the water becomes steam, mineral deposits attract to any metal surfaces, the same thing happens when water becomes ice. In the case of ice machines, as scale builds up, it reduces the efficiency and causes internal friction, which can cause damage. Therefore controlling scale build up is really important.

Our water filters are custom designed for this purpose but there are many other filters out there that look similar but only filter the water and do nothing in terms of controlling scale build up.




Bacteria is often present in our water at low levels of consentration

Ziegra ice machines by nature of their design are intrinsically more hygienic than many other ice machines. However, bacterial growth can take place in some circumstances, so we have developed a  sanitiser designed to be used regularly to prevent bacterial growth within the water circuit of our ice machines. Our sanitiser is very effective but also sympathetic to the component materials of our ice machines. We recommend the use of Ziegra Sanitiser only because some alternatives can cause damage to the internal parts of the ice machine.



Published on July 27, 2018 at 09:08 AM