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SI-F system for vegetable cooling

Automatic cooling system for cook and chill

A large vegetable processor approached Ziegra to discuss automatic cooling solutions for their cook and chill line.

They had a large area at the other side of the factory that would serve as a plant room, but needed a fast, efficient and labour saving way of getting the ice from there to the various points it was needed in the cook and chill area.

After many meetings and a day monitoring production it was decided that a freshwater StreamIce system was the best method and the system on the left was calculated and designed. The advantage of this system is reduced labour costs, increased hygiene and faster cooling.


The heart of the system is the SIB-F 450 storage unit you can see on the right.

This unit keeps a buffer of up to 450 litre of Freshwater StreamIce (SIF) agitated and ready to be pumped on demand. The unit was designed to accomodate the six ice hoses from the two ice machines specified to produce the micro ice for the system. A water supply to the tank and an automatic drain is controlled by the main control panel on the unit to maintain the ice in the tank at the necessary consistency for efficient cooling.

When an operator calls for ice, the system sends the liquid ice down the delivery pipework to their station.


The ice machines that supply the SIB-F 450 above are two SIF 7.500-2 in a stacked vertical orientation. This consists of the refrigeration system in the bottom frame with the ice makers in the top frame, which achieves two things. Firstly it keeps the machine footprint to a minimum, which keeps the system footprint down. Secondly it raises the ice outlets to a suitable height to feed the central tank by gravity without the need for additional support steelwork.

The machines are of an intrinsically hygienic single pass design and have stainless steel frame and panels, so the system could be installed in a production area if necessary.

These are similar to our UBE models, except  they make a special grade of micro ice for StreamIce production and have angled freezing units to make installation of the hoses into the tank as easy as possible.



Published on May 15, 2018 at 02:42 PM