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Scale ice machine for fish processor

Scale ice machine for fish
A fish processor in the South West needed a machine for fish packing to replace their ageing and unreliable scale ice machine. After trying several types of ice they eventually decided to stay with the ice they were used to and purchased a new Ziegra ZSM8.000 unit.

They did not have much space so it was decided to mount the machine high up on a large frame in order to minimise the floor space taken up.

The machine was equipped with a remote weatherproof condenser mounted outside on the other side of the wall. This ensures reliable and efficient running all year round while making sure the warm air from the condenser is outside where it belongs.

The dolav type bins used to store the ice are mounted underneath the frame and the level control on the end of the ice chute swithes the ice machine off once the bin is full to prevent ice from overflowing onto the floor.  
The fish is weighed....
...and finally labelled ready for delivery to the customer
leaving the fish encased in a fresh coating of Ziegra scale ice...

NOTE: Scale ice is popular with fish processors and wholesalers, but be aware that it does have certain drawbacks. Scale ice machines are not as intrinsically hygienic as granular flake ice machines so require more work to keep them sanitised if the ice is to be audited for bacterial contamination. We do not recommend scale ice machines in applications where the ice is to be added directly into products, where hygiene is of very high importance, for factories that have high humidity or for environments that have airbourne contamination such as flour, yeast etc.

Another potential pitfall for the unwary is that the ice will stick together into lumps if not either used immediately or stored below zero. If these two factors can be mitigated, then the ice is nice looking and its flat form is be gentle on delicate products.

Where hygiene is important, cold storage is not available or when the ice is not used immeditely however, we would recommend granular flake ice machines instead.

If you would like to discuss your requirements in more detail, please contact Ziegra


Published on July 6, 2016 at 02:35 PM