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New Trawler Triple filter introduced

Ziegra are pleased to announce a new 'Trawler Triple' filter




Ziegra have developed a new style of filter system to be included on all new Ziegra SWE trawler ice machines.

This system features a one piece poly head for the a combination of corrosion resistance, strength and hygiene.

It retains the three stage filtration of the old system it replaces which ensures that the feed water is free from sediment and other solid contaminants down to five microns. The first two stages are pre-filters with the first stage washable for the longest possible service life.


The new filter system will be included on all on board granular flake ice machines from 350kg upwards.

The unit is designed to be fitted externally to the ice machine on an adjacent bulkhead and is easy to plumb in. The incoming water should be between 3 to 5 bar into the filter and rated to allow a minimum of feed pressure to the machine of 2 bar.



The filter will be supplied as a kit with the necessary fittings and will include a spanner to assist in removing the bowls when filter changes are due.

The kit has a part number of ZUK9700029-2TW and can be bought separately to retrofit to existing trawler machines without an external filter


The Trawler Triple comes complete with a set of three cartridges, which from left to right are:




The cartridges should be washed / replaced as necessary as they become blocked.

The left cartridge is designed to be washed multiple times before replacement, the middle cartridge can be washed once or twice before replacement. The final cartridge is not designed to be washed and should be replaced whenever it becomes blocked.



Published on December 7, 2016 at 01:46 PM