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New Single Phase Trawler Ice Machine

Ziegra announces another first... a single phase ice machine for use on board smaller fishing vessels


For years Ziegra has been approached by skippers and owners of smaller boats for an on-board machine that runs on single phase power. Many of these boats don't need huge amounts of ice, but would appreciate the same convenience of on board ice production as the larger boats with three phase power have enjoyed for many years.

A machine on the boat removes the need to queue or wait for ice deliveries, reduces reliance on third party ice production and reduces the cost per tonne of the ice. Freshly produced ice on demand also means fresher, better quality fish.


The SWE350TW features the same rugged frame and panel construction of its larger brothers, but its smaller output means it can run on single phase power.

The machine feature the tried and tested Ziegra hardwired control panel with no complex plc or electronics to contend with.

It arrives fully packaged with ice maker, refrigeration and controls integrated into one unit and simply requires bolting down, connecting to utilities and routing of the ice pipe from the machine to the ice locker.


The machine has the same flexible hose and level control arrangement as the larger machines with the ice hose emerging high up on the side of the machine. This makes it very easy to route the ice from the machine to where you need it and means the machine does not have to be located directly above the ice locker.

The feet feature the Ziegra fail safe design, which means that even if the anti vibration rubbers fail, the machine stays firmly bolted down.

The machine can produce ice from either seawater or freshwater and is cooled by seawater. 

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Published on April 5, 2016 at 12:00 PM