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New ice machine for 'Our David George'


Thanks to Alex Pino of Alpino Services for sending in these pictures of their newest installation aboard the boat 'Our David George'.



Alpino installed the SWE 1.250TW on board ice machine in the cold room along with one of his stainless steel hold cooling systems.

The machine was supplied pre-configured to make one tonne per day of saltwater ice from seawater but can be re-configured at any time to make 1.2 tonnes of freshwater ice should that be necessary by simply changing the ice discharge adapater and pulley (supplied).

The new ice machine was part of a larger refit carried out at Toms Yard in Cornwall.


The ice came in handy for the launch celebrations when it was pressed into service for drink chilling duties.

Good luck to the skipper and crew over the coming years from all at Ziegra.



Published on March 12, 2018 at 02:55 PM