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Long Term Success With Freshwater Liquid Ice


Ziegra have been developing liquid ice machines since the mid 1990’s. In the early days like many of their competitors, Ziegra focused their development activities on saltwater based liquid ice systems.

These systems served their purpose and still do in some industries but because Ziegra recognised that saltwater based equipment was not well suited to most food manufacturing applications, they began to redirect their R & D endeavours into the production of freshwater liquid ice solutions, even though they knew this would be much more challenging. Mainly because of the known difficulty of keeping freshwater ice crystals in a homogenous state, in a water and ice mixture. However, hard work, perseverance and innovative thinking paid off and in 2005, Ziegra announced the launch of their range of freshwater liquid ice machines under the brand name StreamIce®.



In 2006 two well know bakeries in the UK ordered StreamIce® systems. Both systems were installed on time, within budget and have been working in continuous use, for high volume bread production ever since. In both cases the goal was to improve quality, consistency and reduce waste and rework. Happily the StreamIce systems met all of those objectives.

Since then Ziegra have installed freshwater liquid ice systems all over Europe, Canada, USA and other locations. Applications include bakery, cook & chill, ice pigging and other specialist processes.




The main advantages of using freshwater liquid ice over the addition of conventional ice manually, is that it can be added automatically. It eliminates human error and significantly reduces the possibility of contamination. It also has the possibility, in some applications to monitor product and adjust the amount added, if product conditions change. This can make a significant difference to overall quality and repeatability of a given product.

Ziegra's StreamIce systems are now well established and prove their value in many industries, every single working day.

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Published on January 29, 2019 at 11:27 AM