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Ice machine for Ocean Spirit

New ice machine for Ocean Spirit

One of our service agents, Alex Pino of Alpino Services in Cornwall kindly sent us these pictures of an installation carried out on board the Ocean Spirit last year.

Alex said:

"The Ziegra SWE1.500TW was the choice of machine for our customer and suited his fishing/ice requirements perfectly. This machine was always going to be a tight fit and some major fabrication was required, which included various items of bilge pump pipework which exited thru the hold hatch!"

"Once the machine was craned into the hold it was then a case of cutting away a section of fibre glass decking in the pound and constructing a steel frame for the machine. We had to ensure that enough space was left around the machine for servicing and PPM, and in this instance we were more than happy to undertake the whole fabrication process as we were the ones who were going to be carrying it out!"

"Our issue arose at the deck head of the hold. Because the deck head was sloped towards a trunking, the machine was very tight on one edge along the trunking. This meant the machine had to  be lifted into place perfectly square, so it was definitely a case of measure 4 times and cut once!!"

"Once all the beds were made and welded in position we then manually lifted the machine into place using a " Jenga" style shoring system and some brute Romanian ugg power. Once the machine was in position the rest was, as is the case with Ziegra machines, a straight forward installation and commissioning job. Installation of the triple and all pipework was done considering the deck working space and box storage area along with making sure it was accessible and protected from the rigours of a trawlers everyday life."

"Alex said that he spoke recently to the owner of the vessel, who reported that he, his skipper and the crew are absolutely delighted with the machine and the way it was installed, overcoming some real difficulties in space. He said that the machine has been reliable, never missed a beat and has not only made the crews lives easier, but has also improved the quality of the catch while saving time queuing at the ice berth. This alone has saved two hours per week, which means extra time spent earning money fishing"



Published on November 11, 2017 at 02:17 PM