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Ice Machine for Karen of Ladram

Our service agent from Cornwall,  Alex Pino of Alpino Services kindly sent us these pictures of an installation carried out on board the Karen of Ladram last week.

Alex said:

This week we were in Whitby at Parkol Marine, to commission "Karen of Ladram's" Ziegra SWE.2.500TW ice machine which will produce 2t of sea water ice per 24hrs.
After an initial visit to the yard last week to liaise with the vessels owner/skipper and the manager/engineers of Parkol, we all agreed on the positioning of the machine and service supplies to it.'

This machine due to space/ working area, needed to have a remote control panel. This was connected to the machine via a 10m umbilical. This in turn let us mount the panel in a position that suited the working deck area whilst also giving easy access and good visibility of operating lights and switches.
On returning this week to commission the machine, the mounting frame, control panel, sea cock, strainer, water pipework and mains cable to the panel were all in place as was a custom built stainless steel ice discharge tube with anti flooding cap and last but not least, the machine fixed perfectly into position.

We carried out the wiring and commissioning of the machine, all within the prescribed time frame.
Simon and crew can now do away with visits to the ice berth and start enjoying the autonomy that these machines bring.
We wish him and crew good fishing and a safe trip back from Whitby.

Big thanks to Parkol for a great job well done in preparing and actually fitting the machine in place.
Umbilicals of any length ( within reason lol) and remote control panels are available for most machines, so if it is something that your vessel may benefit from, please give us or Ziegra UK a call.



Published on December 21, 2017 at 10:55 AM