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Ice machine for confined space


A fish wholesaler with limited space above their coldroom needed an ice machine to fit in this tight space. They chose a Ziegra ZBE 2.500 with remote weatherproof condenser as their best option.

They decided on the macro size of flake as they had previously used this type of ice successfully and they needed an ice that would not freeze together during extended storage in their coldroom at +4°C.


A Ziegra engineer attended the site and installed the machine in the confined space and installed the remote weatherproof condenser pictured right in the only space available.

The condenser sucks cool air from outside and blows the warmed air over the machine to help prevent freezing up during the winter months.

A level control switches the machine off when the ice storage is full and back on again when ice is removed.



Published on September 12, 2018 at 12:00 PM