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Ice machine for catering butcher

Ice machine for catering butcher

When a successful Manchester catering butcher was struggling with their post mix temperature they contacted Ziegra for a solution. The existing chilled water system was having little effect and they were struggling to achieve the temperatures they desired for the consistent quality they demand. Initially they bought a small 350kg machine on a 130kg insulated ice storage bin, but after twelve months they realised that while the ice was the answer to their problems, increasing demand from their customer meant they would need a larger machine with more storage to cope with the large production runs they were now doing routinely.

Ziegra part exchanged the small machine against a new 1.2 tonne machine with a 500kg ice storage bin and the customer is delighted with the results


A ZBE1.200-SG500 ice machine consists of a 1.2 tonne ice machine mounted on a 500kg ice storage bin. The ice machine boasts an intrinsically hygienic design with a closed, single pass water system that helps to keep the ice as pure as the mains water it is fed by.

It comes complete with a Ziegra Triple water filtration unit that filters out any entrained particulates from the water supply down to 1 micron. The triple filter also has an anti-scale cartridge to protect the machine from harmful minerals in the water.

The outside is easily cleaned stainless steel and an optional ice discharge casing was specified to cover the ice pipe.


The ice is removed from the bottom of the bin from the ice 'snout' ensuring that the oldest ice is taken first. This hygienic design helps to reduce the build up of stale ice in the bottom that can plague conventional designs of ice storage. The poly- lined interior is highly resistant to chlorine, which eliminates the staining and pitting that occurs with bins that are lined with stainless steel.

The insulated walls and floor of the bin reduce melting of the ice and the large 500kg capacity ensures there is always a ready supply of ice, even during peaks of production. 


Granulated flake ice is made at the optimum temperature for storage of -0.5degC. This means it is not cold enough to re-freeze its own meltwater so stays loose and friable when stored at ambient temperatures and will never fuse together into large lumps.

Granular flake ice is available in three sizes to suit various applications, this is the smallest 'micro' size. The small discrete pieces combined with the good storage characteristics make this the ideal ice for applications in the food processing sectors where the ice is being mixed into products and needs to dissipate evenly into the product, absorbing the heat from the product as it melts.

Once the ice is added to the cart by the operator, it is then loaded into a hydraulic lift...
ingredients for sausage with ice being loaded into mixer ...The meat, ingredients and ice are then tipped into the mixer....
...where they are thouroughly mixed together...  sausage meat being mixed with ice
mixed sausage meat emerging from the mixer ...emerging as sausage meat at the ideal temperature for further processing.
It is then loaded ready for processing into the finished product... sausage meat being loaded for processing into finished sausages
Sausages being packed on to trays ready for sealing ...high quality sausages ready for packing
The packed trays are then loaded onto the feed conveyor...  sausages being loaded onto a feed conveyor
packed sausage trays entering a sealing machine ...pass through the sealing machine...
...where they emerge as packaged products ready for shipping. packed sausage products  ...a short video


Published on March 22, 2016 at 10:36 AM