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Ice Dosing System for Meat Products

 Automatic Ice Dosing System for Meat Products


A large catering butcher was looking for a solution for icing their product prior to adding it to the bowl chopper.

Previously they used to scoop ice from a large bunker into an ice cart, then they would have to weigh the ice from the cart into the product cart, which meant they were increasing labour by double handling the ice, plus risking contamination of the ice by the operator.

The ice had always given them a very easy to handle and good quality product, so when production demands increased and they needed a bigger ice machine it seemed like the ideal time to improve the system at the same time.

They wanted a system that would dose the ice straight into the product carts with no intermediate stages, thus reducing the manual handling of the ice while simultaneously reducing any risks of product contamination.

Ziegra offered the UBE10.000-2R-AS500 system shown at left.




The system was designed by Ziegra around the customers fleet of existing 200litre stainless steel product carts.

The system produces 10,000kg of pure ice every day and buffers it ready for use into a 500kg mini ice silo.

The operator positions the product cart underneath the ice outlet, then punches into the HMI screen how much ice he needs.


The ice is then automatically dispensed into the cart ready for the operator to take it the short trip to the bowl chopper.


Where it is lifted by a hydraulic system and the product ingredients and ice are then tipped straight into the bowl chopper.  
  The ice ensures a good, consistent quality mix that delivers easy further processing into the wide range of final end products.

To see this system in action, please click on the link below


Published on August 23, 2016 at 11:18 AM