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Hygienic ice machines for bakery

A bakery in the north west had a requirement for new ice machines to replace their aging fleet of existing Ziegra models, some of which were twenty six years old. Reliability, longevity and hygiene were high on their priority list and as their existing fleet had given such sterling service over more than two decades, it was decided to replace them with two modern UBE 3.000 models.

The machines were upgraded to stainless steel frame and panels and ordered with optional longer legs to bring the ice outlets to a suitable height for efficient filling of their existing BR80 ice carts.

The machines were placed back to back in a bunded zone to take up the minimum amount of floor space. This means that the control panels are accessed from a common space between the machines.


UBE 3.000 models in their new home    
When the carts are full, the non contact level control sensor detects the ice without touching it and stops the machine until the ice is removed. When the full cart is removed and replaced by an empty one the machine automatically restarts.  
    ice level control sensor
  The machine is controlled automatically by the plc based control panel and handles all start up and shut down procedures fully automatically. Operators are only required to remove the full carts and position the empty ones.
Fully automatic plc control    
Each machine has its own remote weatherproof condenser outside the bakery for maximum efficiency whatever the weather. Each condenser has its own automatic control system which regulates fan speed according to outside air temperature.  
    Remote weatherproof condenser outside


Published on October 12, 2018 at 09:35 AM