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Hygienic ice machine for bakery

Hygienic ice machine for bakery

A bakery in Yorkshire was having some trouble maintaining consistent dough temperatures and were looking for something that gave them more control than their existing water chiller. If the dough became too warm they were finding that it became 'sticky' and often jammed up the processing machinery further down the line.

They approached Ziegra for a solution.


As quality and hygiene were their top priority, after discussion it was agreed that they would need a granular flake ice machine due to its intrinsically more hygienic design and the ice would not stick together during storage in the warm atmosphere. Micro size was chosen to ensure the ice would dissipate quickly into the mix.

The mixers were in a fairly crowded area with no easy way to site a machine nearby so the bakery manager decided on a ZBE350-BK200 located in a more convenient area.


A remote weatherproof condenser ensures that the machine will perform well during the warmer summer months and keeps the warm air outside where it belongs.

The BK system chosen has an 80kg ice cart docked below, which the operator fills by simply pulling a handle. Once filled with ice the cart can then be taken to a convenient location for use. In this case it is the end of the operators workstation.

The operator then scoops some ice into an appropriate container.....

  ....checks the weight on his scale to make sure he has the right amount...
....then adds the ice into the mix  

The ice dissipates quickly into the dough during mixing, controlling the final temperature. Unlike water chilling, where you can only add the water that the recipe calls for, you can always swap  some of the water for a bit more ice, giving ultimate control over final dough temperature.

Ice has around four times more cooling capacity than chilled water.

Once the mix if finished, there is no ice remaining, just dough at the temperature needed....  the operator the confidence tha adding the dough into the processing line....
....will not jam equipment with sticky dough...  
  ...or causing problems for operators further down the line.
  Just the desired product quality, consistently, batch after batch.


Published on July 14, 2016 at 08:24 AM