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Granular Flake for Scottish Boat

We have recently installed two ice machines on to a Scottish Trawler, FR253 Virtuous. The owner and co-skipper Sandy wanted an ice type that would not freeze together in the ice locker and is small enough to get between the prawns, he also wanted two machines rather than one large machine for fall over protection and flexibility of production. After consultation with Ziegra he eventually decided on two UBE 1.250TW ice machines.
Two UBE 1.250TW ice machines, to make ice from freshwater. Once machine makes micro flake while the other makes midi flake   The machines are protected by our optional waterproof jackets, which enhances the already rugged design of the standard Ziegra machine. The covers feature zips, ventilation and access flaps for general operation while they are in place.
The ice from the two machines falls from the outlets above and fill the tall narrow ice lockers to the top, before the level control system shuts the machines down. Once ice is removed the ice machine are restarted automatically, keeping the lockers full.    The two sizes of flake are allowed to mix in the locker, giving a good range of flake size in the box with the smaller pieces penetrating between the product, while the larger slower melting pieces provide long lasting cooling.


Published on October 25, 2019 at 10:28 AM