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Automatic ice plant for harbour

Automatic Hygienic Ice Plant with Self Service
The ice silo is first craned into position              
A steel frame is then built around the large ice silo with mezzanine floor above for ice machines
The ice machines are then craned on to the mezzanine
Before being precisely positioned by Ziegra engineers
The steel frame is then clad to make it weatherproof, enclosing the machines in their own plant room above the silo.
The components of the conveying system are next to be positioned
the incline conveyor to raise the ice
The inline continuous weighing belt conveyor

The completed conveyor system, with the reversing coneyor supported on the end of the weighing belt. This allows ice to be fed either on to boats or into bins.

The remote cu/cu saltwater resistant condensers and the self service interface can also be seen in this picture.

The completed ice plant is handed over


Published on July 29, 2016 at 11:43 AM