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Automatic Dough Cooling


One of the biggest industrial bakeries in Germany, known for its high quality products has just decided to purchase a new automatic ice dosing system for a new line.

The ice dosing solution consists of an AS500 with 10.000kg per day ice production will be installed above two Diosna mixers, mixing 8 batches per hour. The ice dosing will be fully integrated into the automatic process control and the dosing will be co-ordinated with the dosing of other ingredients.

This solution is the second automatic dosing solution from Ziegra installed by this customer - the first being a high capacity StreamIce solution - while they also have Ziegra ice machines in all ten of their plants throughout Germany.

With this new installation, the bakery is also embracing the new natural refrigerants as they are going to connect the Ziegra ice makers from the CoolNat series to their central CO2 refrigeration system



Published on May 8, 2017 at 09:51 AM