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About Us

Ziegra Ice Machines (UK) Ltd is a subsidiary of ice machine manufacturer ‘Ziegra Eismaschinen GmbH’ which is based near Hanover in Germany. We were established in 1972 by our parent company to give local sales and technical support to the UK and Ireland.

Ziegra Eismaschinen GmbH has been operating since 1957. Our extensive experience has made us one of the leading specialist companies in the world,  who deal exclusively with industrial ice machines and the technology associated with it.

More than 80 specialists work at ZIEGRA, concentrating on every aspect of ice. This experience along with our constant research and development make ZIEGRA the European benchmark for quality and innovation. To date, Ziegra ice machines are used in over 160 countries on all continents.

The machines are manufactured from high quality branded components from suppliers such as Bitzer, Bock, Danfoss, Siemens etc or produced by specialist companies in Germany.

Using state of the art technology, every Ziegra ice machine is manufactured and tested at the factory, during which comprehensive performance checks are carried out, before any machine is released for shipping.

The Ziegra UK service department has technicians who have trained exclusively with Ziegra machines. They are specialists and do nothing else but support our machines. They travel in fully equipped and stocked vehicles, enabling any problems which may arise to be dealt with quickly and efficiently. Because we are totally dedicated to supporting only our own ice machines, we are able to offer unrivalled levels of support to our customers, underpinning our commitment to provide exceptional levels of reliability, longevity and performance to our customers in all market sectors. See our Terms & Conditions for details of our ice machine service requirements.

We also guarantee the availability of spare parts for our ice machines for a period of at least 15 years, which is an indicator of the long life-span of our machines.

On our website you will find a comprehensive selection of ice machines and ice makers for all major commercial and industrial applications, along with technical data, descriptions, photos and drawings. Whether you are looking for a small "plug & play" ice machine or a large fully automatic ice plant, we have the solution. Search for the solution you need either by ice type, ice capacity or by the market sector for your application.

We are one of the few manufacturers to offer all major commercial and industrial ice types including flake, scale, liquid and nugget. As well as our extensive range of standard ice machines, we also design and build ice machines to your bespoke requirements, making us unique in the ice machine business and therefore best equipped to help you find the right solution.